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Intercom Systems from Alectra Solutions

Alectra Solutions offers a range of intercom systems to suit your home or business needs – and budget. With options from top quality brands, including Centurion, G-Speak, Zartek, and Kocom, we are sure to have what you need. For assistance with your intercom system, you can visit our manuals page where you’ll find manuals for a variety of intercoms.

Popular Intercom Systems

Centurion POLOphone

R 1,327.49 Centurion POLOphone Intercom System The Centurion POLOphone is a popular intercom system with many great features. It is expandable up to five components with two entry panels, each with two call buttons. Other features include single or dual call button modes, built-in lightning protection, and intercommunication with two sets of handsets.

Centurion G-Speak Ultra

R 3,557.40 Centurion G-Speak Ultra Intercom System The G-Speak Ultra is a wireless intercom that uses your phone as the intercom. You can answer and operate your gate from anywhere in the world, and you’ll receive notifications on your phone when your gate is open, alarm is activated, or if the power fails.

Centurion G-Speak Ultra 4-button

R 951.00

The G-Speak Ultra wireless intercom system is now available in a 4-button design with a metal face.

Centurion G-Speak Ultra Upgrade Kit

R 2,254.00

The G-Speak Ultra wireless intercom system now offers an upgrade kit for your existing system.

Zartek Wireless Intercom System

R 2,335.00 Zartek Wireless Intercom System The Zartek wireless intercom system is a hands-free system with an quick and easy installation process. You can choose to receive alerts as audio, visual, or vibration. The typical range is up to 70 meters in built-up areas, but it is better over open areas. This wireless intercom is ideal for homes and small office buildings.

Kocom Intercom System

R 605.00 Kocom Intercom System The Kocom intercom system is a reliable but budget-friendly, that is easy to use. It is a good choice for smaller homes or businesses.

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